Apartemen Rakyat (Slum Apartemen)

This is one of the faces of the city called Surabaya. around the 1980s, a village in the area urip Sumoharjo burned. The citizens who lost their houses and even forced to live temporarily in the village grave. Four years later, built for citizens is a simple apartment by the government of Surabaya. Unfortunately, the apartment is less well maintained, because of the difficulty the city government to implement the withdrawal fees are the cost of care apartments. Finally, apartments and Hobbes demolished, now up in the status of new apartments for rent with prices relatively expensive for the former apartment of the old average of the population is poor.

Apartemen Rakyat (Slum Apartemen) Part 1

Apartemen Rakyat (Slum Apartemen) Part 2

Apartemen Rakyat (Slum Apartemen) Part 3

Apartemen Rakyat (Slum Apartemen) Part 4


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